In-situ symmetrical tensile testing machine

This machine is mainly suitable for testing mechanical properties such as multi-directional stretching and low-frequency cyclic stretching of metals, non-metals and composite materials. It can realize combined command control of stress, strain, speed and so on. Parameters such as the maximum test force value, yield strength, upper and lower yield points, tensile strength, number of cycles, etc. can be automatically calculated according to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards, and the test report format can be automatically generated, and the test report curve can be printed at any time.

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Testing machine standard

1. It meets the requirements of GB / t2611-2007 general technical requirements for testing machines, GB / t16826-2008 electrohydraulic servo universal testing machines and JB / t9379-2002 technical conditions for tension compression fatigue testing machines;

2. Meet GB / t3075-2008 metal axial fatigue test method, GB / t228-2010 metallic materials tensile test method at room temperature, etc;

3. It is applicable to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards.

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