• Electronic Torsion Testing Machine

    Electronic Torsion Testing Machine

    It is mainly used for torsion test of various materials such as metal and non-metal, which can realize torque and torsion angle control. With the addition of corresponding accessories, it can also conduct torsion test on parts and components. Under the computer control mode, equipped with a small angle measuring device can accurately obtain test data such as torsional elastic modulus (shear modulus G) and non-proportional stress (TP). The horizontal steel structure is adopted, and the exterior is a high-quality aluminum and high-plastic spray cover. The transmission system adopts reliable components and the operating noise of the transmission system is lower than 60dB. The transmission loading system adopts Japanese Panasonic servo system control. The torque measurement uses a high-precision torque sensor, and the rotation angle measurement uses an imported high-precision photoelectric encoder.

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