Electronic torsion testing machine

It is suitable for testing the tensile and torsional performance of high locking nuts. The test content includes locking torque, twisting off torque, pretightening force and loosening torque, etc. The locking torque refers to the maximum torque during the screwing-in process, and the sampling area can be set; the loosening torque refers to the rotational torque under no axial load, that is, the maximum or minimum torque in a screw-out area, and the sampling area can be set . Parameters such as the total friction parameter µtotal, the thread friction parameter µthread, the end face friction coefficient µendface, and the tightening coefficient K can be obtained.

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测试机器类型 EHLN-5504-202型 EHLN-5205-502型 EHLN-5505-203型
最大拉力 (kN) 50 200 500
最大扭矩 (N.m) 200 500 2000
测量范围 0.2 至 100%
测量准确性 优于指示值±1%、±0.5%
速度范围(。/分钟) 0.01~360(可扩展至720)或非标定制
张力、扭矩分辨率 未分级和恒定分辨率 ±1/300000FS(满量程)
螺栓规格(mm) M3 至 12 M6 ~ 20 M8 ~ 32
螺栓长度(毫米) 20 到 100 20 ~ 150 40 ~ 200


1.0 KW 2.OKW 3.OKW

Testing machine standard

1. The testing machine is manufactured according to JB/T 9370-1999 "Technical Conditions for Torsion Testing Machines".

2. The testing machine is based on GB/T10128-1998 "Metal Room Temperature Torsion Test Method", GJB715.13 "Preload Test Method for Installed Formed Fasteners", MIL-STD-1312, Test16 "Preload Test Method" and other standards Conduct experiments to provide data.

3. The testing machine can also conduct tests and provide data according to European standards such as EN-14399-1:2005, EN-14399-3~6:2006 and ISO 898-1:1999.

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