Air spring fatigue test bench

It is driven by an electro-hydraulic actuator and is used to conduct fatigue performance tests on various air spring products for automobiles and rail transit. The vehicle suspension spring has been subjected to a fatigue test of 3 million times. It has repeated expansion and contraction vibration at a frequency of 3Hz and an amplitude half of the maximum compression value. It can continue to move repeatedly for about 1 year.

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Product function and purpose

It is mainly used to test the dynamic and static mechanical properties of various materials, parts, elastomers, shock absorbers and components. It can perform tensile, compression, bending, low and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation, and fracture mechanics tests under sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, and combined waveforms. It can also be equipped with environmental testing devices to complete environmental simulation tests at different temperatures.

Product specifications

Maximum test forceKN 100

Load measurement range(KN)

2 to 100
Actuator stroke (mm) Plus or minus 50

Relative error of  dynamic indication value

Plus or minus 1.0%
Test waveform Sine wave
Host response

frequency range (Hz)

0.01 to 5
Trial count

1 x 10' ~ 1 x 10。 times (optional)

Control method PIDF control mode is adopted

to achieve closed loop

control of force,

displacement, deformation

and other variables

Protection function Displacement, load, fatigue times set

automatic stop protection

Testing machine standard

GB/T 13061-2017 Technical specifications for air springs for commercial vehicle air suspensions

TB/T2841-2010 Railway vehicle air spring

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