Use of the testing machine

The testing machine is the equipment for testing the mechanical properties and technological properties of materials, parts and components. The quality of the product is not only considered from the aspects of structural design, processing technology, treatment norms, etc., but also an important aspect of reasonable selection of materials. For example, in order to make the best use of materials, such as metals, nonmetals, various new superalloys, polymer compounds and composite materials, it is necessary to know the properties of materials; in the study of new materials and processes, it is also necessary to determine the mechanical properties of materials. The mechanical parts of new machines or equipment, especially large components (such as bridges, hulls, etc.) sometimes need to be tested in order to consider whether the materials and process design are reasonable, and all kinds of corresponding testing machines are needed to measure the relevant parameters.


    After loading, the material shows three deformation processes of elasticity, plasticity and fracture, and the technical indexes of the relevant properties have been specified in the relevant technical standards in each process, and the specific determination of these performance indexes must be completed on the testing machine. Whether the functional and metrological characteristics of the testing machine meet the expected requirements is the key to the test of material mechanical properties. Testing machine is not only the basic means and basis for studying the theory of mechanical properties of materials, but also one of the basic means for production and inspection of enterprises and institutions at present.

     In a word, the material testing machine plays a guarantee role in making rational use of raw materials, reducing consumption, saving funds and ensuring safe production, and is closely related to national economic construction, national defense construction, scientific research and people's lives. With the development of society, the testing machine will also be developed.

Post time: Jul-06-2022