Kunming University of Science and Technology and Enpuda worked together to win the other industry track excellence awards in the innovation competition category at the “Second National Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” exhibition in November 2023.
The “Fire Eyes and Golden Eyes” jointly developed by the core team led by Professor Lei Jilin, “Dean, Professor, PhD Supervisor of the School of Transportation Engineering, Yunnan Province Yunling Industrial Technology Leader” of Kunming University of Science and Technology, and the technical R&D team of Enpuda Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. The “Dual-Carbon” Engine Heated Components Cold and Thermal Shock Fatigue Testing System” is an eye-catching scientific and technological innovation research and development project; this achievement has created a new and brilliant achievement in the field of science and technology.


This project not only improves the traditional high and low temperature fatigue test detection methods, but also provides a one-stop complete algorithm chain of image acquisition, image annotation, algorithm development, algorithm packaging and application integration with “artificial intelligence technology as the core”. The development covers There are hundreds of general algorithms for defect detection, character recognition, target positioning, dimensional measurement, 3D measurement, video development, etc.

R&D product introduction:
This product is a test system used for thermal shock fatigue life prediction and work safety assessment of engine heated parts. This system adopts Japan’s KEYENCE “Image Defect Extraction Algorithm” and Enpuda’s independently innovative multi-channel embedded engine hot surface temperature field real-time testing system of heated parts; it realizes real-time acquisition of the full-area temperature field of heated parts, wireless data transmission and automatic Functions that handle analysis. At the same time, the system’s visual operation interface increases the flexibility of the user experience, allowing users to make immediate fine adjustments according to specific needs, thereby better meeting the image processing requirements in different scenarios; this feature makes the system more suitable for different application scenarios. All can respond to various image processing needs efficiently and accurately.
Exhibition items:
The “Dual Carbon” Thermal Shock Fatigue Testing System for Engine Heated Parts (EH-6400R) jointly developed by Kunming University of Science and Technology and Enpuda has the following main technical indicators:
Heating temperature: 200~1500℃ continuously adjustable
Visual accuracy: 5 million CCD
Hot and cold switching speed: 30S/1 time
Control method: PLC+touch screen+visual detection system
The hot and cold shock fatigue test bench adopts the “image defect extraction algorithm” and the independently developed shadow correction method to enable more subtle adjustments to the detection defects. After eliminating the factors affecting lighting changes, it improves the crack detection method for related industries. R&D provides a more efficient, reliable and accurate testing platform.
This research result marks a further improvement in the scientific research strength and innovation level of Enpuda and Kunming University of Science and Technology in the field of thermal shock fatigue. Enpuda and Kunming University of Science and Technology “join hands to innovate and jointly create new achievements”. In the future, Enpuda will also move forward courageously in the future!

Post time: Dec-19-2023