How to choose a horizontal tensile testing machine and what are its characteristics

How to choose a horizontal tensile testing machine and what are its characteristics

The horizontal tensile testing machine for horizontal tensile testing machine adopts all-steel welded frame structure, single outlet rod and double acting piston cylinder for testing. Cylindrical pins are inserted into the specimen, load cell is used to measure the force, and the tensile space can be measured according to the length of the sample specification. With gradual adjustment, the test force and test curve can be controlled and displayed on the computer screen, and the test data can be automatically processed according to the requirements of the test method.

Special equipment for tensile testing of power accessories, lifting belts, chains, and wire ropes. The tensile tester is used for tensile test and failure test of sling products. It has the advantages of flexible operation, convenient operation, slow loading speed, and strong load-bearing capacity.

So how to choose a horizontal tensile testing machine and what are its characteristics? The following Enpuda company will help you analyze:

Selection of horizontal tensile testing machine:

First of all, the tensile machine considers the minimum test tension range of the test material (refer to the national standard, where the minimum test force is required) or provide the sample size for the testing machine manufacturer to assist in the calculation, do not blindly estimate

Second: it is the test stroke of the horizontal tension tester.

Third: What is the basic configuration?

Fourth: the output effect is still remarkable in full screen.

Fifth:the types of experimental projects that can be done.

Sixthly:the measurement accuracy of horizontal tension testing machine, the full-automatic accuracy is generally higher than that of average display universal testing machine.

The characteristics of horizontal tensile testing machine:

1. Automatic control: the high-performance speed control system of the testing machine makes the testing fully digital and automatically controlled;

2. Software system: All-digital LCD controller is adopted to realize man-machine dialogue, with simple operation and accurate data;

3. Automatic storage: through the controller, parameters such as large test force, tensile strength and elongation are automatically obtained, and the test results are automatically stored;

4. Curve comparison: It can draw characteristic curves of stress and extension time of material test, and can locally enlarge and analyze any section

Post time: Nov-13-2021