Our company held an outdoor development activity in November to lead employees to experience the beauty of nature. A colorful and surprising outdoor journey begins.
Off-road vehicle adventure: The racing car roars past the starting point, and the roar of the engine cuts through the sky like lightning. Speed up and down the undulating hills and enjoy the speed! Off-road vehicle adventure will be the first project of our activity tour, experience the perfect combination of speed and passion.图片1
Villa luxury trip: This comfortable and luxurious villa has become a warm haven for our team, where everyone can immerse themselves in it; relax and feel the harmonious team atmosphere.


As the night gets darker and the stars twinkle in the sky, the barbecue party begins; beside the bonfire, the aroma is overflowing, and the tempting fragrance fills the air. The ensuing music nights show personal style, release work pressure, sing to your heart’s content, and play the tacit melody of the team together.

Fishing adventure by boat: When you first arrive, you can see the sky in the distance, which is a clear blue and refreshing. White clouds float leisurely in different shapes. With the warm sunshine shining down, all the worries disappear. Take a boat, experience the excitement of fishing and the infinite possibilities of teamwork, and harvest our treasures!

Beach four-wheel drive experience: On a beach trip, you can unleash your driving passion, experience the unique charm of a four-wheel drive, swim on the beach, and bathe in the sun to create our own speed myth!

This activity not only enriches employees’ spare time life, but also allows new employees to quickly integrate into the team and find a sense of collective belonging. It not only strengthens communication between new and old employees, but also promotes tacit cooperation among everyone; in future work In life, everyone will help each other, grow together, and play an active role in team building. I believe Enpuda’s cohesion will be further enhanced and lay a solid foundation for future development!

Post time: Dec-01-2023