China Aircraft Strength Institute

The China Aircraft Strength Research Institute is affiliated to the China Aviation Industry Corporation and the central government agency in Shaanxi. It is the only aircraft strength research, verification and appraisal center in my country's aviation industry. It has the ability to verify the strength of newly developed aircraft on behalf of the country and give an appraisal conclusion. The function of the aircraft is the indispensable "third rod" in the four major links of the aircraft development process: design, manufacturing, testing, and flight test.

The electronic universal testing machine is mainly used to determine the mechanical properties and related physical parameters of various materials under tension, compression, bending, and shearing.

Equipped with different clamps, it can also be used for tearing, peeling, puncture and other tests. It has the characteristics of compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. It is an ideal testing and testing equipment for universities, research institutes, quality inspection departments and related production units.

The technical parameters of the electronic universal testing machine are as follows:

1. Maximum test force: 500KN;

2. The accuracy level of the testing machine: 0.5;

3. Test force measurement range: ±0.5%~100%FS (120N~500kN);

4. Adjustment range of beam displacement speed: 0.01~500mm/min stepless speed regulation;

5. Test force measurement accuracy: within ±0.5% of the indicated value;

6. Error accuracy of deformation indication: within ±0.5% of indication;

7. Displacement measurement accuracy: within ±0.5% of the indicated value;

8. Displacement resolution: 0.001mm;

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Post time: Feb-26-2022